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Eelco Hilgersom


1 sept – 14 oct

VIP Preview 31 August 2023
Open for public 1 September – 14 October 2023

Amsterdam’s Wanrooij Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Dutch contemporary artist Eelco Hilgersom, from 31 August 2023 until 14 October 2023. The exhibition ‘Abstract reflections of nature’s beauty’ showcases Hilgersom’s abstract works inspired by nature’s architecture and structures.

Hilgersom, born in Amsterdam in 1979, combines his backgrounds in design and art to create striking pieces that invite his audience on a visual journey through the complexity of forms, colors and materials. His latest series ‘Habitat’, explores the communication of organisms through abstract representations.

Concurrently with the exhibition, the gallery partners with Amsterdam Fashion Week (AFW) for an exciting event where Hilgersom and four other artists collaborate with fashion designers. The artist lineup includes Raider collaborating with PAL, Frankey with GOFRANCK, Ceizer working independently, and Lola Luk engaging directly with AFW. Hilgersom is set to collaborate with fashion designer Just Knoop for this unique event. The opening of this event will start at 2:00 pm at Wanrooij Gallery and by invitation only.

Eelco Hilgersom lives and works in Amsterdam, dedicating his life to his passion for contemporary art. His work has been displayed in multiple design studios, collaborated with Tiffany & Co and has inspired artists and enthusiasts alike.

Wanrooij Gallery