10.10.2014 – 05.11.2014

The Rijksmuseum through the lens by Voigt.

Amsterdam – Wanrooij Gallery proudly presents the exclusive solo exposition “Hall of Fame” by Christian Voigt. This internationally acclaimed German art photographer had been given a free hand by the Rijksmuseum to make exclusive photos behind closed doors.

Hall of fame
Christian Voigt had been given the privilege to capture the heart of the museum. Seen through a lens behind which authentic stories are hidden, he created two extraordinary pieces of art. In this solo exposition, named Hall of Fame, the Hall of Honour, with the legendary Nightwatch, and the renowned Library will be on display in a splendid and almost hallucinating way. The museum’s magnificent light has enabled Christian Voigt to capture the most natural image of the splendid galleries.

Christian Voigt portfolio

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