28.03.2015 – 17.04.2015

Vincent’s career has included many creative disciplines including sculpture, art direction and design. This diverse background was the catalyst for his unique collages that cleverly ride the cusp between Fine Art and Graphics.

His collages reflect the eclectic vibrancy of London life, the affluent to the less so. From city bankers to street walkers, West End girls to East End boys. Luxury goods in Knightsbridge, north of the river, to fighting dogs and fish and chips in Bermondsey, south of the river. The collages have become a demographic reflection of specific London locations.

Titles of Vincent’s work further mirror everyday London life. ‘Does My Bum Look Big In This’ is a phrase many of us have heard from our partners just before we’re about to go out for the evening. The collage of a city businessman walking quickly through a London street holding a briefcase in one hand while looking at his watch in the other, titled ‘Avoiding The Taxman’ hints at a controversial story behind the collage.