08.02.2018 – 15.03.2018

Christian Voigt loves large format photographs. “They make it easier for the viewer to step into the world which is portrayed. What you see on the photo should be just what you would see in reality.” He achieves perfect contrast over each square centimetre by taking several photographs. The exposure value changes constantly so that ideal lighting is provided from the brightest spots to the deepest shadows. Combining shots helps to create a technically outstanding print. Voigt refers to his photographs as ‘a window to the world’.

He travels from one challenge to the next. From the busy streets of Hanoi to the scorching wilderness of the Emirates and the rice fields of Bali. He set the bar extremely high both figuratively and literally for his most recent project: Mount Everest. The Sky Is The Limit ! “My aim was to create a photograph of Everest Base Camp at the peak time for climbing with the mother of all mountains in the background. ”The photograph does not just show the base camp and all its activity; it is a panoramic photograph of unprecedented quality”. “You can see how overwhelming nature is and how small people are. The tents look like M&Ms lying on the ground”.

It is all about being patient

Voigt prepared by undertaking two weeks of altitude training in the Himalayan former kingdom of Mustang. As he was uncertain how long he would remain at Base Camp, he and his team stayed at Lukla, formerly home to many shepherds, which is the starting point for the ascent of Mount Everest.