redrik Erichsen

A normal German artist, born in 1980 in Bonn, grew up in Bornheim between the cities of Cologne and Bonn. With two craft apprenticeships (as a carpenter and painter) Erichsen began his professional life, but that always collided with his early passion for urban art. Initially with the graffiti, later with the street art.

In 2007, Erichsen got the opportunity to demonstrate his skills in the craft and his creativity at the Opera in Cologne as a stage painter, where he still works today. At the same time Freddy shifted his creative field of activity from the street to his studio.

His sensitive way of perceiving his surroundings and weaving this into his artistic work with, let him create the series of images “Concrete love”. This is a tribute to the beginnings of his artistic career, his idols at the time and the architectural style of exposed concrete. The images have the grace as if they were cut out of the metropolises of our world to preserve them for posterity. Similar to jars, pots and cave paintings in our museums from times gone by.

As the artist says about himself he is obsessed with creating beautiful surfaces and objects in which he can combine all his skills.

So in early 2019 Erichsen developed the “Concrete Smiley” a wall sculpture in different variations. Whether as a circular concrete smiley, Drip, The inner core or broken. The sculpture reminiscent of Emoji ‘s always make the viewer smile.

Since the end of 2008, a picture of the “Concete love series” hangs in the form of a collage in front of the parliamentary group meeting room of the party

“Bündnis 90/die Grünen” in the Reichstag building in Berlin.


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