Dutch artist Bert Vredegoor studied at ArtEZ, the Academy of Art & Design in Arnhem.

He works and experiments with different techniques and media such as his self-conceived black velvet bleaching which creates an enchanting light experience. 

In addition, he makes acrylic laser cut panels, which generates a sculptural trompe-l’oeil. 

His so-called Original Pattern Screens are semitransparent window films, which provide different kinds of visual screens, separating the private from the public domain. 

The artworks are best described as contemporary icons. They allow contemplation, refer to a mystical experience and stimulates curiosity. 


The creative process

Bleaching black velvet with chlorine solutions at different strengths is the basis of these works of art. Some of them have a golden yellow or sometimes red effect lighting up from the dark background. Creating light in darkness is achieved in the literal and practical sense of the word.

Grids become borderlines

It all started with a lack of privacy. As an artist in residence (in a former monastery) Bert Vredegoor felt a need for a mood filter between the inside and outside world. The wooden grid that he created was the beginning of a series of high-tech, laser cut panels made of white and black acrylic.

Window film as guardian of privacy

They can still be found in old mansions: interior doors with elegantly shaped, Jugendstil decorations in frosted glass. Although you cannot entirely see through, you get a glimpse of the world behind. Lace curtains and plants have a similar effect, letting in the light while also protecting privacy.


What You Have In Mind – VIP Preview at Wanrooij Gallery Amsterdam

No Wonder


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