We will allow you to take photos of us while we are eating if you meditate with us afterwards,“ a friendly monk of a remote Buddhist monastery told Christian Voigt a few years ago. And with it, of course, gave his foreign guest two gifts at once: the generous offer to allow him to participate in the everyday life of the religious community – and the opportunity for a wonderful photo. „I learned how to practice walking meditation during my time in the monastery. I continue to practise it to this day,“ says the photographer.

Isn`t travel simply a gift of life for those who allow themselves to experience something new and foreign, far from the well-worn paths of their home? „A trip is like drinking from the source of life,“ stated German poet and dramatist Friedrich Hebbel in the 19th century. The seductive essence of this drink, an elixir of life that has a profound impact on the viewer, flows from Christian Voigt`s photographs.

The Hamburg-based photographer manages to find images on his trips that leave us in awe of the world. That might even be his biggest talent, hidden amidst his photos that convey almost hyper-realistic perfection. We stand in front of the images like a child amazed by his first fireworks display and rediscover our sense of wonder for some precious moments.


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Selected Exhibitions & Fairs

St. Tropez, Chateau St. Amé / groupshow / August

New York, Opera Gallery, groupshow / April – May
St. Tropez, Barbara de Palma Gallery / April – September

Los Angeles, Karl Hutter Fine Art / solo exhibition / April – May
St. Tropez, Barbara de Palma Gallery / Juli – October
Den Haag, Wanrooij Gallery / Arti 11 / October
Arnhem, Wanrooij Gallery / solo exhibition / October

Amsterdam, Wanrooij Gallery / Realisme 12 / January
Basel, Wanrooij Gallery / Scope / June
Miami, Wanrooij Gallery / Scope / November
Amsterdam, Wanrooij Gallery / Lxry Masters / December
Hamburg, solo exhibition „Visions of Infinity“, Hamburg Art Week / December – February