Epoxy resin

Tim’s development as an artist started early with the collection of exclusive design objects. Gradually he moved towards making those objects himself, with epoxy resin as a favorite means of expression. Mastering the material, Tim skillfully combined it with the things he loves most. Like the time he made an art object out of his favorite sunglasses. It is exemplary for the type of artist that Tim is. He transforms consumer products into art objects. It is not surprising that he has been influenced by artists like Pop Art’s Andy Warhol, Roy Liechtenstein, Arman, and James Rosenquist.

American visual culture
Pop culture is one of the most significant sources of inspiration for the artist. Tim is a movie fanatic and an avid reader. He meticulously makes notes of his ideas, which are plenty and found all around the world. American visual culture especially has always appealed to him. As a young boy, Tim wanted to be Indiana Jones, hunting for treasures and exposing secrets. In many ways, these are elements he incorporates in his art today. Dividing his time between Amsterdam and Ibiza, Tim continuously looks for gems in the news, film, city life in the Dutch capital, and the laidback island-vibe of Ibiza, to capture them in his art.

Tim de Vries, Wanrooij Gallery



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