Raider is a young artist from the Netherlands.

His first released sculpture, SCOOP, is gaining a lot of interest among the few art collectors who could see some artist proofs that he left for a try in an Amsterdam Art Gallery. These first SCOOP sculptures found their collectors in the utmost tempo.

It took not long for the gallery to recognize his talent and professionalize the collaboration; the 18-year-old Raider became one of the youngest ever consigned artists in Europe.

With his sculpture SCOOP, artist Raider gave birth to a figure that seems to have its own life. It is adorable, cool, a real art object, something you love to look at forever. SCOOP needs no explanation. SCOOP catches your attention instantly.

Inspired by existing icons from pop music, cartoons, and movie culture, artist Raider is interested in creating sculptures and drawings, creatures or forms, and bringing them to life. He composes real characters!

As a child of his time, artist Raider uses the latest techniques and manufacturing processes. The artist manages to blur the lines between digital and analog and vice versa. He makes paintings, prints, silkscreens, and sculptures in an authentic and unique style.

Welcome to the fantastic world of Raider!

The Journey.:

The journey of Raider and the life of SCOOP by Raider hast just begun.

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Instagram: @raider.wrld


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Instagram: @raider.wrld