Dutch artist Diederick Kraaijeveld constructs truly unique photo-realistic collages from salvaged wood. His images are icons plucked from the contemporary Diaspora: Chuck Taylor Converses, a Magnum .44, a roll of dollar bills, a pack of cigarettes, a VW van.

Kraaijeveld’s pieces have all been beautifully created from genuine, coloured vintage wood that the artist himself collects as he travels the globe: from abandoned buildings in the Mojave Desert to 16th century Dutch mansion floors. Given that a single work can require over a hundred pieces of different wood, this process is as vital and impactful as the actual assemblage of the found materials.
Though the pieces sometimes burst with colour, Kraaijeveld doesn’t use a drop of paint himself. He chooses, instead, to preserve the original colour and hue, allowing the individual layers to form their own unique combinations. These striking arrangements, of untouched and irregular wood surfaces, allow their history to shine through. From afar, the work retains its realism; up close, the artist’s wizardry is revealed. It is close up that one can see the sheer amount of work and precision involved.

It is his goal to create luminous and desirable icons out of material that the world has discarded. As he points out, his works are built out of “material that people have thrown away because they deemed it worthless”. It is this kind of flat-lined irony and playfulness that permeates his work. His work is an examination of the interplay between pop culture and culture as a whole, presented in a wholly unique and beautiful manner.


About ‘A Wall of Stars’

Diederick Kraaijeveld’s installation ‘A Wall of Stars’  has been over ten years in the making. It was in the early 2000’s  when he created his first pair of All Star sneakers after finding century old deep blue flooringboards from an old mansion.

The Chucks have become a trademark for this internationally renowned artist, known for his monumental realistic icons in salvaged wood. His All Star pieces have found their way to collectors all over the world and two Chuck-artworks adorn the walls at Converse-headquarters in Boston MA USA.

It was a good friend who, passing a sneakers store in Manhattan, came up with the idea of a Wall of All Stars, that will be presented during Art Basel Miami in December 2017.







Pirate Raft show, Apalachicola Florida September 2015
Manifest: Justice, Los Angeles May 2015


World’s first drive through gallery show, Museum of Wonder Seale Alabama September 2014


Art Miami, Miami December 2013
Mythic 27. Group show Paris December 2013
Skull show. Group show The Garage Amsterdam November/December 2013
American Icons, Design Matters September 2013
Beeld van Beatrix, Paleis Soestdijk Soest July-September 2013
Zomer Expo 2013 ‘Aarde’, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
Beeld van Beatrix, Museum Paleis Het Loo, Apeldoorn January – May 2013


Solo Plus One London October 2012
Solo SODA Istanbul September 2012
Duo Show Cheryl Hazan NYC May 2012
‘Huis van Oranje’ Oranienbaum Germany April 2012
Art Karlsruhe (die Hamburger Galerie) March 2012


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