With solo of Christian Voigt

The sky is the limit!

Christian Voigt is known for his large format photos. “They make it easier for the spectator to step into the depicted world. What you can see in the picture, you would also see in real life”. He achieves the perfect contrast of every single centimetre by taking several photos with a different exposure value, so everything is ideally illuminated, from the brightest lights to the darkest shadows. By combining these images, he creates a technically perfect image.

‘A window to the world’

Christian Voigt calls his photographs ‘a window to the world’. He travels from one challenge to another. From the busy streets in Hanoi, to the blistering desert of the Emirates, and to the rice fields in Bali. For his most recent project, he raised the bar to the ultimate height: “Mount Everest”. The sky is the limit! He climbed the mother of all mountains to capture the dazzling view at a height of 5800 metres, just above basecamp. He spent hours there with his technical camera.

On February 8th, the series ‘Everest’ will be shown for the first time, at Wanrooij Gallery. Spectators can enter the snowy mountain world while enjoying a drink and a bite.

The photographer is present to tell about his adventure and explaining his method

Exhibition dates
– February 8th 2018: For invites only
– February 9th | March 15th 2018: Public

Artist: Christian Voigt
Title: Basecamp Mount Everest