Future Beats label FRNT and Wanrooij Gallery bridge the gap between ‘street culture’ and new generation art lovers

Amsterdam, June 7, 2018 – On June 28, FRNT and Wanrooij Gallery are hosting a special exposition revolving around ‘street culture’. The focus of the event lies on music and art within the broader dimension of street culture. Artists Buff Monster, Pieter Ceizer, Koh Sang Woo, and Fidia Faleschetti are invited to present their art and although diverse in style of work, they all represent youth and street culture. Fun fact; to make their art accessible to the new generation, all artists created a piece which is reasonably priced.

Art outside the traditional gallery
Street culture in its broadest sense, is omnipresent in our society. A movement that is represented in all aspect of culture such as fashion, music and art.

For years, Wanrooij Gallery is an influencer in the international modern artscene. Wanrooij contributed to the international success of artists like  Christian Voigt, Joseph Klibansky, Anna Tas, NOART, Mr.Brainwash and is present on world wide art fairs such as Art Wynwood, Art Miami, Art New York, Art Silicon Valley and Biënnale in Milaan.

After relocating Wanrooij Gallery to the vibrant new art district KNSM area in Amsterdam, a new chapter unfolds. In the epicentre of a new cultural district, Wanrooij is creating a space where artists can collaborate and different styles of art are presented. Wanrooij will devote more time and means to attracting the new generation young creatives who have an interest in street culture.


Location: Wanrooij Gallery, KNSM-laan 301, Amsterdam

Exposing Artists: Pieter Ceizer, Koh Sang Woo, Buff Monster, Fidia Faleschetti

This event is invite only