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Martijn Wanrooij
Founder and Owner of Wanrooij Gallery – acclaimed and emerging artists

When it comes to the work of both acclaimed and emerging artists, Wanrooij Gallery is a great place to stop. The contemporary art gallery on the Stadhouderskade has been one of the frontrunners in contemporary art since more than 15 years. Owner Martijn Wanrooij (43) has always valued the experience of both artists as well as viewers. And starting this November, Wanrooij is taking his artistic visions one step further, shaking up the way Amsterdam galleries present art.

“Wanrooij Gallery is a pioneer in art experiences”

We meet at the brand new location on the KNSM-Laan. As I am a bit early, I get to peek through the windows. I can tell there is still some construction work going on inside, but I can already see the potential of this enormous space. An impressive 600 square meters, divided over two levels, is being prepared to showcase some thrilling contemporary artworks.

When Martijn Wanrooij arrives, he walks me around the place. As he discusses some last details with the constructor, it is obvious he is a man on a mission. Wanrooij has a clear view of what he wants to present on which floor, and what still needs to be done in order to achieve his artistic goals. We sit down for a conversation in one of the neighboring cafés.

Could you describe what kind of place Wanrooij Gallery is?
“We are an international platform for art. A platform that is constantly moving and changing. We are among the top art galleries, participating in highly visible fairs like Art Miami and Art New York. With a devoted team, we have been successful in presenting our artistic vision that consists of international artists. We have done so at our current location on the Stadhouderskade in Amsterdam. But the last years, we have been developing some exciting new plans for the future. And now, it is time for a change.”

Artist: Xoooox
@Wanrooij Gallery

Photo: Pascal Bier

Martijn Wanrooij Portret Hello Amsterdam 2017